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22. An Easy Way to Reset Your Day

Home Partner With Us 22. An Easy Way to Reset Your Day This is a collection of love stories about the old fashioned cuppa tea. It’s no secret that Lisa-Jo and Christie love a good cup of tea.¬† Hot, cold, dark, red, or herbal tea is a hot trend these days. But Lisa-Jo’s love for…

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19. You Called Me WHAT Now?

Home Partner With Us 19. You Called Me WHAT Now? This is the story of the labels people pin to us – to our bodies or our lives, or our families or our homes – and that we sometimes start to believe must be true. This is the story of¬†starting to say that we will…

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18. We Were Wrong About Marie Kondo

Home Partner With Us 18. We Were Wrong About Marie Kondo This is the story of the secret shame we all carry about our houses. And the one thing that can free you from it. This is a story about Christie’s house Maplehurst being adrift in a sea of mud and construction and the pungent…

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13: How to keep doing your Ordinary Work without Feeling Discouraged during the Holiday Season

This is the story of how to keep doing your ordinary work without feeling discouraged during the Christmas season.

The wonder of the holidays can be diluted when we have to balance it with the work we do that makes gifts and celebrations possible. This week Lisa-Jo and Christie unpack the reality that everything doesn’t stop just because it’s December. Instead there are still deadlines and work commitments and maybe that’s actually OK too. Maybe we don’t need to believe the Hallmark premise that everything stops around the holidays in time for hot chocolate and mistletoe. Maybe for so many of us the courage to keep providing for our families in the midst of the meaningful season is itself a good and generous gift.

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7: Instead of Setting Goals, Try This

This is the story about one thousand Easter eggs.

Really it’s the story about listening for invitations rather than setting goals. It’s the difference between taking control of your future and surrendering control.

This is an honest conversation about why the language of goal setting is a struggle for us, and why we both tend to use the word “invitation” instead.

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6: Here is Your New Business Card

This is the story about a business card.

For years, Lisa-Jo and Christie defined their significance according to the business cards in their pockets. They knew just what they wanted those cards to say, and exactly what they never wanted to see printed there.

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5: How to Know When You’ve Had Enough

This is the story about being full.
Really it’s the story about understanding the difference between being empty, being full and then being stuffed to feeling sick. And we’re not even talking about food.

This is an honest conversation about what we hunger and thirst after. How do we fix our cravings?

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4: How Our Show Got Its Name

This is the story about strawberry jam and Wednesday night parenting.
Because this is the story about how our podcast got it’s name. Buried deep in the thick of the most ordinary things we could think of was the surprising discovery that everything we valued most might easily be described as ordinary, if not even boring on some days.

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3. The Good News About Broken Dreams

This is a story about the search for a barn.
Today we dig into what it looks like and feels like to watch your dream break into little bits and pieces you can’t make sense of. Christie takes us from Chicago to Florida to a small town in Pennsylvania that often reeks of mushroom farms and manure where she buried all her broken bits of hope and then watched them grow. She shares the story of the time she opened her home to a small group, bought all the study books, and not one person showed up.

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