266. The Second Last One

out of the ordinary 266

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We felt a pang as we hit record today. This is the second to final episode of 6 years of our conversations. But because conversation with a friend always does good work–we love the place where we landed. We pretty much landed this episode in heaven, didn’t we?

In our second-last episode we reminisce about our six-year journey, the impact these conversations have had on us and our embrace of ordinary life.

  • YOUR participation in the finale is requested. Click here to join the last conversation!
  • We look to the future and what's next for each of us.
  • We reflect on the bittersweet nature of endings, and the hope of an eternal narrative.
  • We look to YOUR future and what's next for each of our listeners.

Thank you for the amazing feedback to our episode of Lisa-Jo reading from her new book. And we loved meeting so many of you at the Nooks Book Reading event. Thank you for coming out! You all are our favorites! You can see a little recap of the evening here.

Thank you for reading with us.

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