267. This Ending is a Bridge

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Welcome to the episode of Out of the Ordinary that you-our listeners!-made with us. You all asked the best questions and offered the perfect conversation starters (and finishers!) ...

We have arrived at the end of Out of the Ordinary, but every ending is a new beginning. This week, with your help, we share what our ordinary lives are like today, how and why we began this podcast, and the words and images we are using to describe this current season of completion and change.

  • We consider the present and how this episode is like a graduation
  • We look to the future and how this podcast has been like a bridge
  • We give the full story and the honest truth about our friendship, our differences, and why this podcast is coming to an end
  • We answer YOUR questions, including whether we might write a book together!
  • We look to YOUR future and offer tips for finding new podcasts

Thank you, dear listeners. Thank you, Emily Graffius. Thank you, to our husbands Pete and Jon. And thank you to the best podcast coach and producer EVER Jodey Smith! If you've ever thought about starting your own podcast, you'll want Jodey on your side.

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