82. Somebody Else’s Shoes

Out of the Ordinary 82

This is a story about how being willing to hear and share uncomfortable stories are how we learn and grow. It's like being willing to walk around in someone else's shoes -- being willing to see the world through their story. Will you come take a walk with us today?

Christie and Lisa-Jo explore some of their own memories of growing up on the one hand near Galveston Texas and the other, in Pretoria, South Africa. And now both on the fringes of Washington DC. Stories can be unpredictable and we thank you for being willing to let us awkwardly and imperfectly tell the stories that are shaping our own families as we listen to the stories of black lives and experiences in order to keep becoming better allies. 

These are not political stories. These are personal stories. 

Tender. Necessary. Imperfect. 

We're grateful to share them with you. 


Sponsor appreciation: In these uncertain times we're so grateful to partner with show sponsors that keep making our work possible. 

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