69. Dolly Parton Was Right: Laughter Through Tears IS the Best Emotion!

Out of the Ordinary episode 69

This is a story about laughing our way through tears, toilet paper shortages, and the wild mashup of homebound kids and a global quarantine. 

Friends, how are you all doing, eh?

In these unpredictable times we wanted to bring you a slice of laughter. Today's episode includes the ridiculous in all shapes and sizes that this week has brought us.

Next week we plan to share YOUR stories. Yup! Want us to feature what laughter and/or tears have looked like for you and your family in this season of love and life in the time of the Corona virus? Shoot us an email: outoftheordinarypodcast@gmail.com

We will feature as many stories as possible on next week's episode. 

Until then, here are the two movies we highly recommend for lightening the mood in any household right now:

On Hulu: The Biggest Little Farm

On Netflix: The Kindness Diaries 

Hope to hear from MANY of you! Send us your stories of life and laughter right now: outoftheordinarypodcast@gmail.com