66. The Benefits of an Unimportant Life

out of the ordinary 66

This is a story about how to listen (instead of  worrying about how life hasn't lived up to the story we write in our heads.)

It's the first in our series of Easter Conversations.

And yes, we talk about our LEAST FAVORITE Bible Verse.

It's for all of us who wonder what it means in the middle of our ordinary, kids-with-stomach-bugs lives to hear the voice of God. 

Because, like our kids, we have wondered if that was God or just some bad tacos from the night before.

It's also the difference between listening to God vs. listening to outcomes. And how we can run into trouble when we equate outcomes with whether or not we heard clearly from God.

Yup, we question ourselves, our hearing and our lives according to our accomplishment lists. Maybe that's not the best checklist. 

Here's what we're learning to do instead. 

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