45. Can we Trust God with our Kids?


This is the story about trusting God with our kids

I've heard Christie tell this story before. So have you.

As part of practicing rest this summer, Christie and Lisa-Jo each chose their favorite episode from the past year to re-share. This is the one Lisa-Jo chose. Because it's the story she thinks about more than any of the others they've shared.

This is the story of an afternoon in Florida when Christie watched her son have a life threatening allergic reaction and it was the one time she didn't have an epi pen with her.

This story is brutal and honest and we know that many listeners have had similar experiences. Some that didn't have the same ending as this one. 

This is a painful conversation about trusting God with our kids, and others we love. The people we want most to be safe in the world. 

But what if God wants to give them something better, something more, than safety?

Christie tells the story of the terrible mistake that almost cost her young son's life, leading to a conversation filled with hard questions and trustworthy promises. If you worry about what next week or next month might bring to those you love most in the world, this episode is for you.

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