225. When Self-Care Gets Crooked

Out of the Ordinary 225

How much do you love coffee or wine? Lisa-Jo and Christie are having are riding the sluggard, struggle bus during Lent sometimes and they have helpful nuggets of truth to share with us.

In our self-care culture, it's easy to let our sinful nature take us right back to ourselves rather than the cross.  There's a difference in self-care that's life giving for those around us and there's the self-care that gets crooked.  We want more excuses to serve ourselves but then Lent is holding Lisa-Jo and Christie accountable in this season.

When you're feeling the "sandy gears of life" be curious and lean into Jesus. Sometimes clinging to something we want doesn't leave space for what can end up being so much better.

Lisa-Jo's brother Joshua battled cancer for 2 years. Do you have a question for God? Listen to Josh's sermon here.

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