197. #8 - How to Hack BACK TO SCHOOL!

Out of the Ordinary 197

Lisa-Jo and Christie are helping us get unstuck and have courage to do the thing we really want to try this summer! They are giving us 8 Cliff Notes for being a human.

Simple Summer Short Cut Hacks!

1. How to Hack A GARDEN (Ep. 190)

2. How to hack DRIVE TIME (Ep. 191)

3. How to hack READING (Ep. 192)

4. How to hack FEEDING YOUR FAMILY (Ep. 193)

5. How to hack a CREATIVE PROJECT (Ep. 194)

6. How to hack a PERSONALITY (Ep. 195)

7. How to hack a FREE DEGREE (Ep. 196)

8. How to hack BACK TO SCHOOL (Ep. 197)

We're saving your life this summer with 8 easy hacks to simplify your life! #8- BACK TO SCHOOL 

  • Your kids may have already started or you may not have kids, Lisa-Jo and Christie have nuggets of help for you too!
  • Clear out the clutter and cobwebs in your mind.
  • What is something in your home that's rubbing a blister in your heel?

Hack Self-Care during Back to School:

  1. Treat YO SELF!
  2. Feel your feelings and be gentle to yourself.
  3. Make a fall season bucket list!
  4. Forget spring cleaning, back to school cleaning brings peace!
  5. Change up the scenery and freshen up the place.
  6. Get your physical health appointments made and also get the fun things in your calendar too.

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