196. #7 - How to Hack a DEGREE!

Out of the Ordinary 196

Lisa-Jo and Christie are helping us get unstuck and have courage to do the thing we really want to try this summer! They are giving us 8 Cliff Notes for being a human.

Simple Summer Short Cut Hacks!

1. How to Hack A GARDEN (Ep. 190)

2. How to hack DRIVE TIME (Ep. 191)

3. How to hack READING (Ep. 192)

4. How to hack FEEDING YOUR FAMILY (Ep. 193)

5. How to hack a CREATIVE PROJECT (Ep. 194)

6. How to hack a PERSONALITY (Ep. 195)

7. How to hack a FREE DEGREE (Ep. 196)

8. How to hack BACK TO SCHOOL

We're saving your life this summer with 8 easy hacks to simplify your life! #7- Hacking a DEGREE

  • What do you want to learn more about? It's never too late to learn new things.
  • Listen to how Lisa-Jo and Christie have both hacked degrees.
  1. You can read the first few chapters of a book on Amazon, watch YouTube videos, TV shows, podcasts, books and chase down footnotes in a book.
  2. SkillShare is an affordable way to learn more as this website has recruited people in their field.
  3. Sometimes you can find someone you want to learn from that's teaching a course and find the topics and books they'll cover in their course.
  • Christie encourages us, "Lifelong learning adds so much richness to our ordinary lives."
  • Lean into your passion, no matter how quirky it may sound.

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