171. Creativity in the Darkness

Out of the Ordinary 171

Key Conversation Points:

  • When we are confronted with real world darkness, what do we do?
  • We don't have to create art that will hang in a museum.  Lisa-Jo states that, "Art can be a crossing guard, doctor, chef, writer, mom raising humans or a grandpa tending to his friends at the nursing home. It is art because we have the nature of God in us."
  • Curt Thompson explains, "We are people with great longing...it is in our DNA to create things..we don't want to create things of mediocrity but evil wants to disrupt all of that and in that trauma we become people of great grief."
  • Don't let platitudes smooth us past the hard moment.
  • Did you know C.S. Lewis fought in a war?  Christie's Narnia talk takes us deeper.
  • You model God's art as you live in the simplest ways.

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