167. Highs and Lows

Out of the Ordinary 167

Key Conversation Points:

  • Let's take stock with some highs and lows, including dirty, dumb dogs, hypochondriacs, friends and tea.
  • There's "not a lot not to love" about Christie's new book! If you haven't bought it yet, click here to read about reflecting God's majesty and glory as our Creator and a little bit of heaven on earth through flowers.
  • Lisa-Jo flew to Denver this week to interview with Focus on the Family about her book The Middle Matters which is a collection of love stories about ordinary life!
  • The saved stories are in Lisa-Jo's IG about her Denver trip and Kristen's cozy cabin.
  • Thanks to Lisa-Jo, have you ever heard of the greatest thing EVA for relaxing that Christie just discovered?
  • Christie always reads "Winter Solstice" with Rosamunde Pilcher every winter and the tea in the book has become one of her favorites. The tea is Lapsang Souchong.
  • Christie's been visiting other podcasts and having a blast. Christie will be a guest on these podcasts: The Stories Between Us with Shawn and Maile Smucker and Saving You a Seat with Karen Hardwick.
  • What are your highs and lows this week? Please tell us in the reviews. It's encouraging for all listeners to read. Tag @lisajobaker and @christiepurifoy on Instagram so they can see your highs and lows as well.

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