142. What will wake us up?

Out of the Ordinary 142

Today's Out of the Ordinary Book:

Can You See Anything Now? written and read by Katherine James

Visiting Author, Katherine James shares a reading from her latest book!
Katherine James has also written about her son's herion addiction and this article articulates the book well.

Key Conversation Points:

  • There are trigger warnings of failed suicide attempt, self harm and drug abuse but you can trust this author to lead us gently with empathy and hope.
  • Christie explains that Katherine James, "explores the painful depths of human hearts but this author is someone we can trust."
  • Katherine's debut novel is placed in a small town with raw, deep and intriguing characters from the first page on.  Margie is the painter who is suicidal and her husband is the therapist who doesn't think he's making a difference.  It's the evangelical neighbor that doesn't give up on her people that will become so endearing.  You'll find parts of your people peppered through these pages and it'll make an impact.
  • Although we see the brokenness and pain of real life, we also see the grace and miracles of real life too.
  • You won't be able to put this Winner of the Christianity Today 2018 Fiction Book Award page turner down as your curiousity and adrenline make you stay up late to finish it.

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