134. Behind the Books: A Big Reveal!

Out of the Ordinary 134

This week is the first in a special series we'll be dipping into every now and again that we're calling "Behind the Books"-- a chance for us to hear from authors and learn more about the story behind their books.

This week Christie is in the hot seat with a big new reveal.

Today's Out of the Ordinary Book:

Garden Maker: Growing a Life of Beauty and Wonder with Flowers, Christie Purifoy

Key Conversation Points:

  • We go behind Christie's newest book to give you the scoop on the title and the key change that made the subtitle so pitch perfect
  • Christie shares the brand new skill she had to learn to make this book possible
  • Lisa-Jo brags about how she influenced the cover photo, which was never the one Christie had planned to use
  • We learn how the pandemic impacted Christie's garden and how this book rescued her flowers
  • This book has something to say to every gardener and non-gardener alike about the value of your life.

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