A FREE Tiny Library for YOU!


Season 2 of the Out of the Ordinary conversations kicks off on October 2!

How to win: In the meantime, if you share about the podcast coming back October 2nd on social media (anyway you like, screenshot, photo, FB update, Instagram pic, story, get as creative as you like!) and tag us @lisajobaker @christiepurifoy and use the hashtag #outoftheordinarypodcast you'll be entered to win an entire Out of the Ordinary Podcast mini library, which includes SIGNED copies of:

Christie's books:

Roots and Sky


Lisa-Jo's books:

Surprised by Motherhood

Never Unfriended

The Middle Matters

We Saved You a Seat (Bible Study leaders kit; includes 7 session DVD)

We'll announce the winner during the first episode of season 2!

We can't wait! 

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