75. The Home Series: 7 Practical Ways to Rest at Home

Out of the Ordinary 75

This is a story about how rest does NOT require a cabin in the woods or room service. 

Instead, it's a helpful guide to finding rest in the very middle of your ordinary rhythms. 

While this conversation was recorded before this strange season of global extended stay at home, we think it's so timely to remember how to rest in the middle of our now sometimes stressed homes. 

Join us this week as we unpack these 7, quirky ways to rest right where you already are:

  1. Quiet in the car
  2. Procrastinate 
  3. Load the dishwasher 
  4. Stop blaming yourself for the busyness
  5. PJs = no phone zone 
  6. Let go of the need to control
  7. Bible on tape