62. It's the Virtual Black Barn!

Black Barn

This is a story about a fountain, a house, and a dream. And it comes with an invitation to a virtual black barn. 

Because we're opening the doors to a new community platform - the virtual Black Barn -- a way for every single listener to come and join us in person!

Click here now to learn more and join.


For one week only: Feb 1-7, 2020 each subscription to Paper&String includes a membership to The Black Barn Collective! 

For $5.99/a month you get Paper&String and free access to our new community platform -- the Virtual Black Barn. 

No matter where you live, no matter how many miles between the front door of the Maplehurst Black Barn and your own front door, you can come in.

You can join the Black Barn Collective.

This is the verse that inspired the Black Barn Collective that we talk about today: Joel 3:18 A fountain will flow out of the Lord's house.

Meet you inside!

Listener Invitation:

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