57. 2 Hard Holidays & A Holy Night (Part 3 of 3)

This is the story of 1 hospital conference room and 1,000 lanterns in the sky.

Here comes the final installment in our 3 part journey unpacking our hard Christmas stories on the way to this sacred holy and completely unexpected night. 

(You can listen to Part 1 and Part 2 in Episodes 55 and 56).

Join Christie and Lisa-Jo as they learn that Christmas isn't some delicate ornament easily shattered by our own disappointed expectations, irritations and temper tantrums. Instead it's as solid as the earth beneath our feet.

This is not a fragile time of year. Much to their surprise, they unpack what makes Christmas so rock solid dependable. 

This week Lisa-Jo and Christie conclude their storytelling journey as they reveal the light that glimmers even in some of their darker memories. It is a light that shines in its fullness on these two memorable holy nights.

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This is a deep dive into our favorite Christmas-themed books in an episode that includes:

  • Novels, cook books, mysteries, picture books for the kids, faith reads, fiction, soul care, and poetry.
  • We read excerpts from our favorite passages and explain why we love them so much
  • We share the reasons we think these books will be good company in this season.
  • Christie is shocked by one of Lisa-Jo's choices! 
  • Lisa-Jo laughs so hard during one of her readings she snorts. Apologies in advance!
  • Yes we have a few international authors as well.
  • Plus, there's a printable list of all 20 books featured for you to take to the library this season!

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