5: How to Know When You've Had Enough

This is the story about being full.

Really it's the story about understanding the difference between being empty, being full and then being stuffed to feeling sick. And we're not even talking about food.

This is an honest conversation about what we hunger and thirst after. How do we fix our cravings?

This week we dig into the idea that enough might be a life goal worth pursuing. But to do so we need to know when we've reached, enough, in a culture always hungry for more, more, more.

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Two Books we share stories from in this episode:
C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy book 2: Perelandra
Roald Dahl's book Matilda

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Spotlight author!

This week our spotlight author is Shelly Miller, who currently lives among the tea shops and winding cobblestones of London. Her book Rhythms of Rest is on sale for 0.99 all of October. For anyone trying to figure out how to make rest realistic instead of miraculous: just click here to get the eBook deal on Shelly's book.

Are you tired of being tired?

Do you struggle with giving yourself permission to rest?

Feel guilty when you aren’t being productive?

Secretly dream about a sick day to lay at home and read all day?

Yeah, Shelly gets that.

If busy has become your recurring answer when people ask, “How are you?” maybe it is time to pause and make rest realistic instead of miraculous.

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  1. Wendi Colaiuta on October 13, 2018 at 7:51 pm

    Thoughts from this week’s podcast are still banging around my head… capacity, intentionally choosing vs. “settling”, savoring something in a pure sense vs. greedily reaching for more, appropriate hunger vs. “holy hunger”… and a question or two… what spacious invitation do I long to step into? And where do I need to revel in what I have already been given – the good gifts from my Father?

    I haven’t had the “professional life” Lisa Jo mentioned since my daughter was born 17 years ago. Those years have been filled with hard work from the heart – but never to earn an earthly dime.

    I have been writing for decades. But I have only been sharing it in a more public way for about 3 years. It is the very definition of small beginnings. My Instagram account has only 60 followers. My blog just graduated from a mere 10 followers to 20. Wrestling thoughts into words is a joy… and a challenge. I long to know that those thoughts encourage the one person who needed to read them. It is my desire to share God’s truth and point others to Him. I don’t honestly know what the Lord may do with those desires or humble efforts. But I trust Him.

    If my writing never accomplishes anything more, is that enough? If I never again have a “professional life,” will it be enough? If I am doing what the Lord has put on my heart to do on any given day, what else is there? I have prayed for a while that He would mold my heart to only desire what is part of His plan, to tune my heart to His. I guess that is my hunger – to be exactly where He has purposed for me to be, doing exactly what He created and has been equipping me to do.

    Thankful for this nudge to ask myself what I am intentionally choosing… and the encouragement to take any new effort slowly. At that pace, I can savor His good gifts, and know from His Spirit to mine what my capacity should be, when it is “enough.”

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  3. Beth Williams on November 19, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    Lisa Jo & Christie,

    This world is so noisy & clamors for bigger better more. We as women need to say “ENOUGH”! “I am content here at this station in this season of my life.” We all need Spiritual Whitespace/margin in our lives. We can’t constantly say yes to everything. I feel it is more important to know yourself & how much you can handle. Do you want the hurried professional life with long hours but a big paycheck? Are you more the kind that wants to work some & be able to help others? Only time with God can truly determine where your feast will be. Who knows what God has in store for us? While we are on this journey we must ask if we are doing for the sake of man’s applause or God’s approval? Are we being intentional with our lives & using them for His glory. What is your enough?

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