4: How Our Show Got Its Name

4. How Our Show Got Its Name

This is the story about strawberry jam and Wednesday night parenting.

Because this is the story about how our podcast got it’s name. Buried deep in the thick of the most ordinary things we could think of was the surprising discovery that everything we valued most might easily be described as ordinary, if not even boring on some days.

It was an unexpected person who pointed out to us the obvious name for our show that we’d totally missed. Which in turn inspired us to start looking at these small, seemingly ordinary traditions as landmarks in a family.

Because we believe that ordinary life is inherently more than enough to make a difference at the cellular level of our lives. In a culture that worships bigger, faster, more, here is the story of how we aim to push back and dig deep into the spiritual truths that the Kingdom of God has always been best reflected in a grain of wheat, a mustard seed, a widow’s mite, a small jar of oil, five loaves and two fishes. We want to offer our listeners permission to find value in their everyday lives again.

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Listener Resources! 

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Meet a first time author!

This week our spotlight first time author is Patrice Gopo. Christie and Lisa-Jo both read and endorsed her beautiful book, All the Colors We Will Seejust click here to check it out.

Here is Lisa-Jo’s endorsement of this stunning debut book:

“I read this book straight through in one sitting over several cups of tea. And when I emerged, I found I had been holding my breath the whole time. Patrice let’s us see inside the hidden, secret places of her story. Intimate. Painful. Holy. As a white woman who grew up in South Africa, I’m so grateful to Patrice, a black woman who grew up in Alaska, for opening the pages of her life. My story is changed and challenged and enriched because of hers. And I am in her debt.”

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1 Comment

  1. Beth Williams on October 13, 2018 at 4:52 pm

    My mom & I (living in S. Florida) would go strawberry picking all the time. She made this no bake strawberry pie with them. It was sooo amazing. I used to look forward to going out & getting dirty looking for just the right berries.

    Lisa-Jo your children are blessed to have you & hubby as parents. Young people need a way & time to just talk about life & their problems. Wednesday night parenting is something more people should adopt. Love the idea that they can’t wait to crawl in bed & start telling you their stories. Usually when they turn teenagers they want nothing to do with mom/dad.

    We can with God’s help make the ordinary into something extra ordinary. Just add little touches of ourselves to the daily grind.

    Blessings 🙂