35. Why We Cancelled Our First Podcast Party


This is the story of a party that never happened. And the reasons why we're grateful for that.

May 4th was supposed to be our first live podcast event at Christie's Black Barn. But, as so often happens in life, our eyes and dreams had been bigger than our stomachs or ability in this case. And it turned out to be a good thing. 

Here's a story for anyone disappointed that they weren't able to meet their own goals on time. Who believes that if they're behind, then they've lost the race. Who needs to be reminded that life isn't actually a race, it's a journey with many unexpected detours, most of which we can't actually control. 

And how once again, Lisa-Jo and Christie have to re-learn the very first story they shared on the podcast -- that everything big starts very small. 

So what was supposed to be a gathering of hundreds turned into a lunch of just ten and that was more than enough.

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