34. My Worst Mother's Day


This is the story of a new mom crushed by one sentence on her first Mother's Day. And how a decade later she got to re-write those words. 

This one's for anyone who felt disappointed by Mother's Day.

This one's for anyone who got her expectations crushed on Mother's Day or any day really.

This one's for anyone who wonders if anyone notices all the things she does for them.

This one's for the tired, or frustrated, or overlooked mom. We see you. Tune in today to hear us share how we've handled our own disappointing Mother's Day moments -- that really aren't just limited to one day a year. 

Because these practical ideas we're sharing today have radically changed how we approach these big expectation moments. And we hope they encourage you today and next year again too!

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The Bible Passage Lisa-Jo quoted: Pursue, Overtake, Recover in 1 Samuel 30:8

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