33.These Are The Books That Made Us


This is a story about a book Christie loved and Lisa-Jo did not.

Actually, here are stories about quite a few books! Because these are the childhood favorites that helped make us the women we are.

In this week's conversation, we discover just how much our favorite books reveal about our deepest selves and our relationships. Christie and Lisa-Jo trade memories and titles from The Secret Garden to Lord of the Rings and quite a few you've probably never heard of, let alone read!

Listener invitation: Take a shelfie! Yep, that's a selfie of your bookshelf. We'd LOVE to see your favorite books -- tag us in Instagram @lisajobaker and @christiepurifoy

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Some of the books and authors mentioned in this podcast include: The Secret Garden, The Lord of the Rings, NarniaThe BorrowersMara: Daughter of the NileThe Bronze BowNancy DrewSwallows and AmazonsThe Lonely DollThe RobeA Time to Keep, Roald Dahl, Rumer Godden, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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  1. Beth Williams on May 11, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    Christie & Lisa-Jo,

    I’m not a big reader either. Funny thing is my hubby loves to read everything. He has his own kindle & orders books all the time. He got his love of reading from comic books in the 70s. I have seen Lord of the Rings movies several times. I absolutely love them. I remember “my precious”. Most of what I read are Bible studies, the Bible, & other Christian books. I enjoy listening to books on audio. Just talk to me while I do something else. For me it is about doing something rather than just sitting. I am a very active person.

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