30. You're Allowed Everyday Extravagances


This is a story about painting a dining room nearly charcoal black. And the hundreds of hours it took.

This is a story about how it turned a dining room into an everyday extravagance.

This week Lisa-Jo and Christie remember the great farmhouse dining room painting saga of their first Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania and how it nearly ruined Christie and her husband's respective backs and arms and attitudes. But how it was more than paint. It was the kind of extravagance we get to give one another on the daily. 

Because this is lavish, insanely beautiful grace -- being willing to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, the boring into the extravagant, if only we have eyes to see, and sometimes paint buckets and brushes.

Did Lisa-Jo recognize the transformation? Did her family appreciate the effort taken to create extravagance ahead of their visit? Did Jon and Christie survive the hundreds of hours it took to paint walls and CEILINGS a dark charcoal color? Tune in today to find out as they remember that single room that nearly broke them and all the back-breaking, heart-aching work that went into preparing the way.

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  1. Beth Williams on April 22, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    Christie & Lisa-JO,

    Simple things in life can give us everyday extravagance. I value simple things in life-walks with hubby, snuggling on couch, looking at mountains or rainbow. My hubby brought this house back in 1991. He/we have done a lot of repairs to it. Some are huge like heat pump & new windows. While others are more subtle like new flooring or a metal roof. It isn’t always about the renovations, but making this house a home for us to enjoy. God is generous & showers us with indulgences. Father God went over board in luxury when He gave us His son to die on our behalf even after we destroyed Eden. To top it off He is building a mansion in Heaven so we can live with Him in eternity. Talk about luxurious extravagance!!

    P.S. Christie- the dining room looks fabulous!! Great job!!

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