28. Surprised by New Life


This is a story about the surprise of new life.

This is a story about calendar days of death transformed into yearly reminders of new life.

Lisa-Jo tells the story of September 2. It was a day that always reminded her of death, but the year when the weight of that day felt heaviest was the year when September 2 became a day of new life.

Christie tells the story of her own birthday. It, too, was a day that reminded her of death and loss, but one year the story of her birthday was rewritten in the most dramatic way possible.

If you are feeling the weight of a long winter, if you have walked too long in the valley of the shadow of death, we invite you to listen to these powerful reminders that God is making all things new. Especially in the month of April.

(Or perhaps March? You won't want to miss Lisa-Jo's hilarious "oops" in the final minutes of this week's episode.)

Listener invitation: When has new life surprised you? Tag Lisa-Jo @lisajobaker and Christie @christiepurifoy  or use the hashtag #outoftheordinarypodcast and tell us all about it! We love hearing from you.

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