24. A Gift For the Listeners We Love


This is a story about placemaking around the table.

This is Chapter Ten of Placemaker in Christie's own voice (can you hear a hint of Texas drawl?).

Our favorite thing about podcasting is sharing stories with you in our own voices. With Christie's new book landing in reader's hands in less than one week, this audio "sneak peek" is our gift to you.  

So, put your feet up, pour the tea (or coffee!), settle in with a blanket or a small child (or both!) and listen to "Norway Maple: Placemaking Around the Table."

Listener invitation: What does placemaking look like around your table? Is it pretty? Is it messy? Maybe it's both? Tag Lisa-Jo @lisajobaker and Christie @christiepurifoy  or use the hashtag #outoftheordinarypodcast and tell us all about it! 

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  1. Joy OToole on March 10, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    I can hardly wait to read the whole thing now! I had two 4 1/2 hour drives in two days this weekend and binge listened to about 12 episodes so I’m caught up now.

    I love listening to you talk about the truth together. Your friendship is beautiful. I shared your podcast with a dear friend of mine with whom I share a similar friendship. I told her the story about Lisa Jo’s encounter with the bear hugging Jesus and she can hardly wait to listen so we can talk about it together.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings and stories with us. I always am encouraged to remember the love of Christ after listening.

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