236. When Finishing is Complicated

out of the ordinary 236

Lisa-Jo and Christie give us an invitation to declutter our souls. Whether you're finishing something or in the middle or very beginning, you need the grace and perspective of this episode!

When we finish a hard thing, even when we finish it well, it doesn't always feel how we want it to feel.  Sometimes when we make it across a minefield, we might not feel delighted but just exhausted. Finishing is a process too. There's not always fireworks at the end.

What does it mean to remember and not be paralyzed while looking back?
Do you have an image like Christie to help you?
How does God's grace parallel with the phrase, "go back and fetch it?"

Soul Rest Series:
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2. Soul Rest (Round 2)
3. Soul Rest (Round 3)

How to Inhabit Time: Understanding the Past, Facing the Future, Living Faithfully Now, by James K. A. Smith

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