211. The One Thing We Won't Do This Christmas (Podcast Vault Series)

Out of the Ordinary 211

Key Conversations:

This is the story of a terrible, no-good, but oh-so-hilarious Christmas card photo.

These are stories about the things we will NOT be doing this Christmas season.

Does the approach of Christmas feel a little less joyful than you wish it would? Are you already tired? Already feeling inadequate to the demands of the season?

Then this episode is for you.

We can't tell you exactly what you should or shouldn't do this season. We have no three-step plan for success to offer. But we have our stories. We have our own questions. And we have our faith in the God who is with us no matter how empty or sad or afraid we might feel.

We invite you to listen. We invite you to respond. What will you NOT be doing this Christmas in order to receive more this Christmas?

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