21. How Not To Fear Grief

These are the stories of friends who showed up like beacons.

If Episode 20 was all about the foreign country of grief, these stories will give you the courage and the advice you need to journey to that intimidating place without fear.

Perhaps life has already brought you to that hard place. Perhaps a friend has recently crossed over, and you are wondering how to help her.

Lisa-Jo and Christie have grieved and grieved with others, and they trade stories of what helped and why. Does suffering frighten you? Do you worry you'll say or do the wrong thing? Then this episode will encourage you and equip you.

Because these stories are not really stories about the storm.

They are stories about the lighthouse that welcomes the storm-tossed home.

Listener invitation: We LOVE hearing from listeners. Tell us about a time when someone joined you in your grief. We would love to hear your story. Be sure and tag Lisa-Jo @lisajobaker and Christie @christiepurifoy  and use the hashtag #outoftheordinarypodcast

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