190. #1 - How to Hack a Garden!

Out of the Ordinary 190

Lisa-Jo and Christie are helping us get unstuck and have courage to do the thing we really want to try this summer! They are giving us 8 simple, summer short cut hacks!

How to Hack...

1. A Garden (Ep. 190)

2. Drive Time

3. Reading

4. Feeding Your Family

5. A Creative Project

6. A Personality

7. A Free Degree

8. Back to School

We're saving your life this summer with 8 easy hacks to simplify your life! #1- How to Hack a GARDEN! 

  • Tips to Hack a Garden:
  1. Embrace the mess.
  2. Start small or else go big.
  3. Cardboard is your friend.
  • Christie reminds us that "participating in the natural rhythms of creation is so satisfying."
  • You don't need a big budget to grow a garden.
  • Let go of total control, the need to impress other people and the desire for things to always look pristine.
  • Lisa-Jo states the truth we need to hear by saying, "If we want deep relationships with people, we have to dig into the messy."

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