19. You Called Me WHAT Now?


This is the story of the labels people pin to us - to our bodies or our lives, or our families or our homes - and that we sometimes start to believe must be true.

This is the story of starting to say that we will not be accepting those labels today, thank you very much. 

Today Christie and Lisa-Jo each share stories about labels they had unknowingly accepted about themselves since they were teenagers. As if they were a shameful secret. As if they should apologize for who they are. Do you know what we mean? Do you have a memory, a throwaway sentence, an insult, a note, a casual, cutting observation that you tucked into your soul and allowed to grow up alongside you as if it was always part of you? So that now that lie is grafted into your DNA and you can’t tell the difference between the label and the reality of you?

Today is the day to toss that label in the trash, friends!

Join us as we speak truth and laughter and reality to the labels that have embarrassed us in the past. That we choose instead to name our lives and our homes and ourselves with the words spoken on the sixth day, “very good” (Genesis 1:31).

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