189. Seven Party Personalities: #7 - The Connector

Out of the Ordinary 189

What is YOUR Party Personality? ☺️🎉🍾
1. The Artist (Ep. 183)
2. The Extrovert (Ep. 184)
3. The Romantic (Ep. 185)
4. The Introvert (Ep. 186)
5. The Wishful Thinker (Ep. 187)
6. The Epicurean (Ep. 188)
7. Connector (Ep. 189)

This summer on the podcast we’re deep ping 7 different party personalities and Type 7: The Connector is up today!


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  • The point of the Connector Party is to connect people across their differences, this could be a family reunion or a regular coffee date with some friends. 
  • This gathering is more self-sacrificing while you think of others and meet people where they are at that moment.
  • If connection is the goal, we'll find a way to do it without control. 
  • Family gatherings can have a lot of pressure to live up to in order to make it perfect. Lower the expectations! Unclench your fists and be unoffendable, as Lisa-Jo tries to do.
  • Lisa-Jo asks the most thoughtful question to her family when she visits. "What does help look like to you?" Part of being a good connector is being a good listener.
  • Elrena Evans's Book Launch Party is mentioned and her book is "Special Grace: Prayers and Reflections for Families with Special Needs."

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