170. Holding a Divine Anchor in the Middle of Bombs Falling

Out of the Ordinary 170

Key Conversation Points:

  • How can we enlarge ourselves for someone else's story?
  • What does it mean to embrace the ordinary smallness because therein lies the glory, the DNA, of Christ.  Lisa-Jo's intimate perspective on Ukraine is so vital to understand right now. Learn from her memories and experience.
  • Where Lisa-Jo used to work in Ukraine is the area that flashes across the news all the time right now. Who knew that building has so many special treasures?!
  • How do Lisa-Jo's Ukrainian friends still have their ordinary mornings even in the midst of hearing bombs exploding in the background?
  • We can't opt out on the ordinary, holy moments and only focus on death and destruction.  Sorrow and every day life can hold hands.
  • What does Christie mean about naming and unnaming? How can it push back darkness?
  • Shannan's Instagram Post is here.
  • Lisa-Jo's Ukraine Post is here.

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