163. Encountering Goodness

Out of the Ordinary 163

Key Conversation Points:

  • What does it mean to pursue goodness? Have we slighted it?
  • Let's stay rooted in our deep and worthy ordinary virtues even though they aren't on a typical list for new year's resolutions.
  • "I'd really like to be like Ted Lasso." Do you agree with Christie on this? Ted Lasso makes goodness and kindness appealing and powerful.  Tell us in the reviews what you think about Lasso. *viewer discretion advised for R rated moments*
  • True goodness fights for you, inspires you and makes you braver and bolder.
  • Life isn't about us being good enough for God. Christie lets us know that beauty has been linked with truth and goodness in all different kinds of philosophies.
  • The writings that are mentioned: Sean of the South by Sean Dietrich and Phantastes by George McDonald.

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