145. You Don't Need a Passport to Change the World

Out of the Ordinary 145

Today's Out of the Ordinary Book:

The Ministry of Ordinary Places: Waking Up to God's Goodness All Around You
written and read by Shannan Martin.

Visiting Author, Shannan Martin, shares a reading from her latest book!

Feel free to visit Shannan online here for more on her books.  You can find her on IG as well here.

Key Conversation Points:

  • Shannan's book is a gracious and frank read that opens our eyes to our callings in the ordinary places between laundry and leftovers, as she shows us how to stick with people for the long haul even through risks and brokenness.
  • Lisa-Jo explains, "I was terrified of being ordinary', and with that one sentence Shannan Martin sums up every single one of us. Certainly me. And then she deconstructs the cliche of ordinary and puts it back together with pictures and stories and sidewalks full of people who will make you want to cry or sing or despair or dance or rail or just quietly whisper, amen. This book is a new pair of eyes. Go ahead, open them!'
  • Through this book we're guided towards seeing that we're right where we're supposed to be and she shows us through her gifted storytelling how to see past our judgements and find authentic community with the neighbors at our ordinary tables.
  • Don't we all know a child who needs us to step up for them? Shannan shares that "sometimes it takes a child to raise up a village shining light on its shared purpose for the sake of each other."
  • You don't need a passport to change the world, you just need to open your front door.  Listen as Shannan opens her eyes and heart to the boy standing on her front porch.

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